Client case: resale of a secondary property with a 35% profit in six months


On average, the growth in the value of ready-made real estate in Dubai is about 5% per year. But there are some interesting exceptions, one of which I will discuss below.

My client was looking for an apartment for quick resale. We found him a variant in the Dubai Marina area.

Details of the transaction:

➡️ The investor bought the apartment for $341,000 (1,250,000 AED) + 4% DLD + 2% commission. It cost $41,000 (150,000 AED) to renovate the apartment. Total expenses amounted to $402,000 (1,475,000 AED).

➡️ Immediately after the completion of the renovation I resold the apartment for $545,000 (2,000,000 AED).

➡️ Profit including expenses is about 35% of what I invested or $143,000 (525,000 AED) in just 6 months.

Naturally, there are nuances when selecting properties for high profit.

Making the right choice requires experience and understanding of a particular building's prospects, location, and market availability.

But my team always has a few such units available for investors ready to invest in Dubai real estate with good subsequent returns.

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