Residential visa in Dubai is no longer stuck in the passport


Dubai has introduced new rules for resident visas. Now they are no longer glued into the passport of foreign citizens. Stickers have completely replaced the Emirates ID. Read more about the innovations in the article below.

Resident visa in Dubai 2023 without stamps in the passport

The government of Dubai has officially announced that it will stop sticking visas in the passports of foreigners. Now all data on a resident visa is contained in the Emirates ID plastic card.

Government agencies and airlines no longer require you to provide a resident visa in your passport. To confirm residency, it is enough to present Emirates ID and passport number.

In other emirates, the innovation has been in effect since 2022. In Dubai, new rules for issuing resident visas came into force in early 2023.

What changes have occurred with Emirates ID

Emirates ID is a plastic identification card that all citizens and residents of the UAE of any age have. A chip is placed inside the card, on which the biometric data of the document owner and his digital signature are recorded.

From 2021, a new type of Emirates ID card is issued with improved personal data protection features. Emirates ID now contains a 3D photo linked to your date of birth. The card itself is made of a more durable material, which increases its service life up to 10 years.

Resident visa data is also entered on the card and can be easily read upon presentation of the document. You can view visa information and Emirates ID digitally on the website or in the UAEICP mobile app.

Residence visa to Dubai online by video call

The authorities of Dubai and the UAE are constantly facilitating obtaining a residence visa for foreigners and stimulating the inflow of foreign capital into the country.

Now, when applying for a resident visa to Dubai, foreign citizens have the opportunity to call the relevant department via video link from any gadget with a front camera.

You can contact GDRFA-Dubai by phone, through the official website of the management or the application on your smartphone.

The new rules for issuing resident visas in Dubai without unnecessary stickers and stamps in the passport, using a video call, make the procedure for obtaining them even simpler and more attractive for expats. Read the article on how to get a golden resident visa to Dubai. The UAE Golden Visa became more affordable in 2022.”

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