Prices of residential real estate in Dubai have risen


The prices of residential real estate in some areas of Dubai have jumped by 34% year-on-year.

New statistics for the third quarter have arrived! According to them, the cost of real estate in several neighborhoods is growing rapidly.

Dubai Hills has set a record, where villa prices have jumped by more than a third over the calendar year and will continue to rise in the near future. Meanwhile, apartments in this area are appreciating at a more moderate pace, except for those in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, where the most progressive price growth has been observed.

Listed below are the areas where the sales prices have seen an increase in percentage compared to the second quarter of this year:

Dubai Hills (Apartments) - 6%

Dubai Hills (Villas) – 9% (and 34% compared to the previous year)

Downtown (Apartments) - 3%

Downtown (Villas) - 9%

Palm Jumeirah (Apartments) - 9%

MBR City (Apartments) – 4%

MBR City (Villas) - 10%

Dubai Marina (Apartments) – 2%

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